by Sanford J. Brown M.D.



You can get into medical scool COVER



Foreword-Dr. Thomas L. Pearce


Introduction-An Atypical Premed's Story

l. The Birth of Premed Consciousness

2. Who's in Charge-You or Your Parents?

3. The Premed Student's Guide to the Perplexed-Majors and Grades

4. MCAT and Its' Place in the Premedical Universe

5. Differences of Opinion-The Premedical Society

6. Foreign Medical Schools-Pros and Cons

7. The Handicapped Student

8. Life in the Fast Lane-Special Programs

9. All Work and No Play?

10. Read a Good Book Lately?

11. What Did You Do with Your Summer Vacation?

12. Chances of Acceptance-Three Individual Cases

13. Stepping Stones-Do Advanced Degrees Help?

14. Financial Aid-Where There's a Will There's a Way

15. Women and Minorities

16. Stepping Out-Allied Health Professional

to Medical Doctor

17. Changing Courses at Endstream

18. Old, Older, and Ancient Applicants and Alternative Health Careers

19. Is There Life After Rejection?

20. In Closing . . . Life After Premed

Medical School Survival Bibliography



You Can Get Into Medical School

Letters from Premeds:

In this sequel to Getting Into Medical School, Dr. Brown, the Ann Landers of the premedical world, goes public with his correspondent's deepest fears, greatest wishes, sincerest expressions. Many different aspects of premedical preparation are discussed, and questions answered. There is something in this book for nearly every medical school applicant, successful or unsuccessful. Dr. Brown's advice is compassionate, helpful, instructive and truly tells it like it is.
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You Can Get Into Medical School
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