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Getting Into Medical School
Eighth Edition by Sanford J. Brown M.D.

Here's how to meet the stiff competition for acceptance into medical school today with advice on...

  • Which undergraduate courses to take
  • How to approach the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
  • How, where, and when to apply for medical school
  • How to make the medical school interview work for you
  • What alternatives are open to rejected students

Includes a directory of American medical schools and premed summer programs, an Internet bibliography of premedical sites, plus some inspiring success stories.





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Sanford J. Brown, M.D.

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The Mendocino Foundation offers health education materials, medical database searches on diseases for patients and a pre-health professions advising service for aspiring premeds.






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Other services not related to the Foundation include a computerized health maintenance program and a website design service for health professionals.






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