The Mendocino Foundation for Health Education




The Mendocino Foundation for Health Education was started in 1976 by Sanford J. Brown, M.D., in Mendocino, California. Dr. Brown's purpose was to develop sound educational programs that could become the basis for a revolution in consumer health awareness and to be in the forefront of the way medicine must evolve to satisfy the growing desire of patients to keep themselves healthy.

"Physicians of the future", Brown has said, "will need to be more humanistically oriented and trained to deal with the kind of patients who demand a greater role in the maintenance of their own health, and those patients who become better educated on their own so that they just don't come to their physician when they are sick, but to remain well."

ln line with his belief in prevention, The Mendocino Foundation offers health education materials, medical database searches on diseases for patients and a pre-health professions advising services for aspiring premeds. Other services not related to the Foundation include a computerized health maintenance program and a webpage design service for health professionals


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